Terms of Use for the Card Greetings/Sentiments:

I. These Christian greetings/sentiments can be used for: greeting cards, note cards, gift tags, stationery and also for crafts and giftware - such as: posters, postcards, plaques, framed pictures, calendars etc...

II. You must keep my copyright notice with all the greetings you use:
Greeting Cards - copyright placed on the back
Crafts/Giftware - copyright placed on the front

III. There is only a 'one-off payment' for the lifetime usage of the greeting/sentiment that you purchase. Upon payment of the card greeting/sentiment, you will be emailed the zip file of the greeting.

IV. The greeting/sentiment you purchase can be used on multiple card designs, crafts & giftware you create with 100% profit going to you.

V. I have available "Two Versions" of the same greeting which I have rewritten with the "I" and "We" or the "Me" and "Us" changed, so you have a choice of purchasing just the single version or both versions of the same greeting. This gives your customers a choice of whether they want the greeting with "We" or "I" etc...Price is reduced for the "Two Versions".

VI. You do not need to use the (front) text on the card if you don't want any text on the front.

VII. You cannot change the wording, which includes adding/deleting words or rearranging the words - you must leave the greetings/sentiments as they are. You also cannot 'mix' the words of the greeting/sentiment with your own words or the words of somebody else.

VIII. The only exception to any 'word changes', is when the American Card Designers (who sell their cards/products to the American market), need to make changes from the "British Spelling" to the "American Spelling", eg. mum to mom - but changes from "British Spelling" to "American Spelling" are the only changes!

IX. For crafts & giftware, you can add minor personalization to complement the greeting/sentiment, eg. for a Wedding or Baby greeting/sentiment you may add the couples names or the baby's name (or some other personalization), onto the craft/giftware itself, but you cannot insert the names/personalization into the actual greeting/sentiment.

X. You can use either the 'Front' text or the 'Insert' text on the craft/giftware you create, but you still need to keep my copyright with the text you use.

XI. You absolutely cannot use the greetings/sentiments as part of a collection for 'on selling'. The greetings/sentiments on this site can only be sold from this site to card designers and manufactures for the purpose of creating greeting cards and giftware with them.

XII. Please choose the greetings/sentiments you want to purchase carefully with understanding it is just the greeting/sentiment you are purchasing, not a complete card. Once the zip file is sent to you, there can be no refunds.

Updated: 23rd July, 2014

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