Christian Wording & Messages for Greeting Cards & Giftware - For Commercial Use:

The Christian Sentiments available on Christian Card Greetings can be purchased and used commercially in a variety of different ways, such as: greeting cards, crafts and any Christian gift products you create - including: bookmarks, postcards, posters, decorative plaques/wall plaques, wall prints, keepsakes, calendars, framed pictures, photo frames, artwork, photography, ornamental candles and so much more!

Greeting Card Designers, Manufacturers & Christian Card Companies Looking To Buy Christian Wording:


If you are a card designer with a small business or a manufacturer of Christian greeting cards/Christian gifts looking to purchase Christian wording to complement your greeting cards or giftware products, you may find the unique greetings you've been looking for from the variety of reasonably priced themed greetings/sentiments available here. Each greeting comes with the "front text", "insert text" and a matching "scripture". These Christian sentiments can be widely used on multiple card designs, and also on any crafts & ornamental gifts you create to 'sell', but please carefully read the Terms of Use, before purchasing, for more detailed information on the extensive use of the sentiments. *Please Note* You are purchasing the Card Wording - not a complete card.

Exclusive Christian Greetings:

I also have available a 'write to order' Exclusive Greetings range. If you have an online Christian card design business or greeting card company and would rather have 'exclusive Christian sentiments' for your greeting card designs, crafts & giftware products, please visit my 'Exclusive Greetings' page for more detailed information on ordering an exclusive greeting card message.

Need a Christian Freelance Writer?

Please contact me if you have any questions about the greetings before purchasing.

There is only a small $5.00 "one-off payment" for the sentiment usage on greeting cards/giftware products. Please click on "pricing" above to see my rates.

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