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Please contact me by filling in the contact form with your Name, Email, Subject (i.e. birthday greetings, wedding greetings etc...), and Comments (if you have a website, please include the url in the comments). Please make sure your email is correct, as I won't be able to reply if the email is incorrect. If you are requesting an "Exclusive Greeting", please put 'Exclusive Greeting' in the subject with all other details in the message.

*Important Note*
Please make sure your email client accepts new contacts and doesn't block new email addresses. I always reply to emails sent to me, so if you haven't received a reply, it could be that it went into your "Bulk" or "deleted" folders. Please check these folders to make sure my reply has not gone into one of these folders. Thank you.
- Michelle Lowndes (M.S.Lowndes)

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