About Christian Card Greetings:

Christian Card Greetings only started in November 2013, and came about as an idea to cater for the smaller 'homegrown' and 'online card design businesses' and Christian Card Manufacturers interested in Christian Card Sentiments. I have Christian Messages for many different special occasions to offer Card designers who are looking, specifically, for Christian wording for their Christian greeting cards — but not only for that, the Christian sentiments can also be used for crafts and giftware they may create.

About the Writer For 'Christian Card Greetings':


My name is Michelle Lowndes (M.S.Lowndes), and I live in South Auckland, New Zealand with my husband and four children. I am a Christian and attend Harvest Christian Church. I have an online Christian Ministry called, Heavens Inspirations, which I started in 2003. Heavens Inspirations has a large selection of Christian Poetry, Card Verses, Special Occasion Poetry; Christian Devotionals, Children's & Women's Devotionals, Categorized Bible Scriptures & Scripture Poetry as well as Original Christian Worship Songs for Church and Sunday School/Junior Church...all freely available (for non-commercial use). You can read my brief testimony of how I came to the Lord, click on: My Testimony.

Contact Me

Please contact me if you have any questions about the greetings before you purchase.